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At ECH Counseling, the focus is on creating a laid-back, therapeutic environment where you feel empowered to recognize direction for change and overcome barriers to achieve personal fulfillment.

We will utilize a cognitive approach to work through each situation and uncover the best strategy to help you move forward to achieve your goals.


  • Establish presenting problem(s)
  • Gain insight
  • Develop coping skills and techniques that are beneficial for presenting problem(s)
  • Identify the tools needed to strive for change
  • Understand what is needed to lead a fulfilling life

So, if you are:

  • Feeling stuck in your head?
  • Suffering from worries that won’t let you sleep?
  • Feeling disconnected from your life?
  • Experiencing self-defeating, negative thoughts?
  • Wanting to stop the intrusive thoughts, overwhelming feelings?

You can change your answer(s).

Warm and friendly environment!

Designed to make you feel at home.

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